The Brixworth Bulletin started life in 1992 under a different name, the BrixworthBugle. Its founding editor was Paddy Fox who, together with the then local District and Parish Councillor, Sue Verallo, was determined to bridge gaps (and sometimes yawning chasms!) caused by a lack of communication at a particularly sensitive time in the village’s history – that of new housing developments threatening to double the size of the population without provision of the necessary infrastructure.

But the editor soon discovered that there was much more to write about; as well as covering the impending housing development, the first issue featured information on the local radon scare, the appeal for a new church bell, sporting events, traffic calming, news from village clubs, organisations and local action groups and much besides.

From June 1999, the villages of Hanging Houghton and Lamport became included in the Bugle’s distribution network, joined by Draughton in 2001.

Over its ten-year history, the newspaper received several local and national prizes including first place in 1994 in the The Countryman’s national competition for the best Community Newspaper.

While continuing the independent ethos of the Bugle, Harvey Fox took over the editorship and re-launched the newspaper in 2004 as Brixworth Bulletin, having served as production manager of the Bugle since its inception. He and the art editor, George Hammerschmidt refreshed the layout and design, introducing a new masthead in September 2005, the extensive use of colour in December 2006 followed by the creation of this website.

With Harvey Fox’s decision to retire at the end of 2010, he handed over the editorship to Claudia Flavell-While who was joined by John McFadyen as News Editor and Silvana Cook as Advertising Manager (see Contacts for the whole team).

Once again, the Bulletin’s layout has been refreshed with new typography, a new masthead and full colour production.

Brixworth Bulletin, supporting the local community since 2004