The Bulletin Team

Claudia Flavell-While, Editor, and her husband, Richard, have lived in Brixworth since 2001 when they bought a house in Station Road near the hunt kennels. They have a daughter two horses and assorted other pets. Claudia started to dabble in journalism while still at school, working on her secondary schoolís newsletter. She is now Director of Publications at the Institution of Chemical Engineers. in Rugby, in charge of five journals and the Institutionís monthly membersí magazine which she also edits.
George Hammerschmidt, Art Editor, has lived in Church Street, Brixworth since 1984 at which time he and his wife ran their own retail business, Four Seasons Gallery, in Northampton. Since retiring in 2000 ,George, a self-taught graphic designer (whose computer is a substitute for the electric train set he never had as a child!) has been increasingly involved with the layout and graphics of the Bugle and the Bulletin. He has designed the previous and current mastheads, many of the advertisements and he edits most of the photographs.
Sheila Jenner, Treasurer, moved to Brixworth with her husband Archie in September 1987. They live at The Old Post Office (next to the George Inn) from where they run their accounting practice, Archie Jenner Consultants, providing accounting and taxation services to local businesses and individuals. Their 19 year old daughter, Katherine, attends Birmingham University. Sheila plays tennis for a Northampton ladiesí team and enjoys walking and cycling. She has been treasurer of The Brixworth Bulletin since April 2005.
Jennifer Fitzgerald, Chief Correspondent, has lived in Brixworth since 1995 and takes a keen interest in writing about village events and personalities. She is a business trainer, executive coach and management consultant who is a keen practitioner of tai chi and a member of Toastmasters.
Louise Robinson, Distribution Manager, has lived in Brixworth for over 14 years with her husband Steve. She has 3 children, one at Moulton school and 2 at Brixworth primary. Currently Louise is a volunteer at the Brixworth information point and helps at Brixworth Primary School. She is on a break from teaching and enjoys reading and decorating. Having distributed the Bulletin for the last 6 years she is very happy to be a member of the team as she feels that it is a vital source of information for the village.
Neal Brown, Ad Manager, has lived in Brixworth, with his wife Andrea, for only a short time. Having moved back to the UK from Melbourne, Australia in 2002, he lived in Northampton for 10 years before moving to Brixworth in 2012. Whilst working as a Supply Chain Consultant in the Industrial Automation industry, he also enjoys working in the community as a Brixworth Parish Councillor. As a new member of the team, he is looking forward to working with our regular advertisers as well as introducing new faces to the Bulletin.
Kate Calnan, Draughton Correspondent, has lived in Draughton for over ten years. She runs her own business from home and divides the rest of her time between family and assorted needy dogs. She aims to reflect what the little community of Draughton gets up to - but sometimes finds it hard to squash all the achievements into her allotted 200-ish words - such is the way of this village.

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